Huacaya Open Female

 Alpaca NameColorHeritageStatusAgePrice 
 Blossom's Two Devine of WaypointWhite, Light FawnUnproven7$1,500 
 Coco Chanel of WaypointTrue BlackProven5$2,500 
 Eternity of WaypointWhiteProven6$1,500 
 Grace Amazing of WaypointDark FawnProven6$2,000 
 Haley Hallelujah of WaypointWhiteUnproven1$2,500 
 Lady Liberty of WaypointMedium FawnUnproven2$3,000 
 Lola of WaypointWhiteUnproven22$1,500 
 Patient Destiny of WaypointWhite, Light FawnUnproven8$1,500 
 RHA December RoseLight FawnProven12 
 Sarah's Premier Melange of WaypointWhiteProven8$500 
 Silver Rose LaliqueWhiteProven8$5,000 
 Sweet and Sassy XX of WaypointWhiteProven6$400 
 TGF ElizabethWhiteProven11$1,000 
 Tootsie Roll of WaypointLight FawnUnproven<1$300 
 Velveteen of WaypointDark FawnProven3$10,000 
 Victoria of WaypointMedium FawnUnproven3$5,000 
 Waypoint's ConcertaWhite 3 
 Waypoint's Miss CongenialityWhiteUnproven6 
 Waypoint's Petite SyrahWhite, Medium Fawn, Medium Rose GreyProven8$2,000 
 Waypoint's ViognierBeigeUnproven<1$500 

Huacaya Male

 Alpaca NameColorHeritageStatusAgePrice 
 Mister O"Mally of WaypointWhiteUnproven4$5,000 
 O'Sullivan of WaypointLight FawnUnproven-$10,000